City College president released from hospital and healing at home

City College President Michael Gutierrez is beginning his recovery process at home after sustaining injuries in a car accident Monday Aug. 12. Gutierrez is pictured here speaking at the Mohr Hall groundbreaking ceremony Sept. 12, 2018. Photo by Phoenix Kanada

City College President Michael Gutierrez was released from the hospital Aug. 14 and is now home starting his recovery. 

Los Rios Chancellor Brian King sent an email update on Gutierrez’s condition to the campus community Aug. 15 stating, “The well-being of Michael Gutierrez and his family has been at the center of my thoughts all week. The news of his terrifying accident was jarring and has certainly impacted us all. We are heartened by early signs of Michael’s improvement and grateful that, given the nature of the accident, his injuries weren’t far worse. Despite 15 broken ribs, he was able to walk the day after the accident.”

According to King, Gutierrez and his family expressed their appreciation “for the support from their SCC and Los Rios families.” He sustained major injuries in a four-car accident the morning of Aug. 12 on westbound Hwy. 50 as he was heading for the City College Davis Center.

“The outpouring of concern and assistance from the college, district and surrounding communities has been touching, and an indication of the kind of leader and person that we have in Michael,” King said. “He is loved and respected by friends and colleagues in the capital region, throughout California and across the United States.”

King also said City College will be accepting contributions to provide food delivery services to the Gutierrez family. Donations can be made in Carrie Bray’s office in Rodda Hall North 269.

According to King, Gutierrez will be focusing “exclusively on his recovery for at least the next six weeks.” King said to ensure that Gutierrez can appropriately focus on getting better, Vice President of Instruction Dr. Albert Garcia has been appointed acting president.

“It’s important that we give Michael space to focus on his recovery and know that college and district leaders have things well in hand. We are fortunate to have a great leadership team at SCC with Albert, Vice President of Administration Carrie Bray and Interim Vice President of Student Services Dr. Davin Brown, as well as incredibly talented and committed faculty and staff,” said King. “We know the college won’t miss a beat as we prepare for the beginning of another semester.”

According to The Sacramento Bee, which did not name Gutierrez in the initial story, a car driving in the fast lane struck Gutierrez’s car, which was stopped in traffic near Harbor Boulevard.

The Bee reported that the driver of the car stopped in traffic was taken to UCDMC with major injuries.

City College Communications and Public Information Officer Kaitlyn MacGregor said the president’s office has several get well cards available for anyone in the campus community who would like to send well wishes to Gutierrez. People may also drop off cards at the president’s office (Rodda North 277) that will be delivered to Gutierrez.

According to MacGregor, Los Rios Chancellor Brian King stopped by the hospital the day of the accident to offer support to Gutierrez and his family. MacGregor said City College will do whatever is necessary to help Gutierrez and his wife and two children through this ordeal.

King said it was evident Gutierrez has enormous confidence in the City College administration, faculty and staff and “their ability to kick off the 2019-20 school year with the same passion and energy that [Gutierrez] always brings.”

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